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I am still in business during the coronavirus pandemic and am accepting items for repair by post.



Tel: 0793 634 3854




From Meissen pugs to Snoopy mugs...

A family treasure broken? Badly restored or still in pieces after several years? There's a good chance I can fix it.  Smashing repairs by a Yorkshire based (Leeds / Harrogate / York area) professional restorer of ceramics, pottery, porcelain & fine china.  Willing to undertake restoration work throughout the UK.  Full address withheld to ensure security of precious pots and ceramic items.

Now based in York.


What repairs can be done?

  • Completely broken items rebuilt.
  • Dirty items cleaned.
  • Missing hands/heads/tails etc sculpted and replaced.
  • Cracks sealed.
  • Missing sections filled.
  • Broken pieces reattached.
  • Old repairs made good (discoloured glues/badly glued together).
  • This list is by no means exhaustive – please ask!


What sort of items?

Does not have to be antiques – any beloved item you want fixing can be worked on. Does not necessarily have to be ceramic (for instance china, pottery, resins or plaster).

Are there different levels of repair?

Yes, for instance, some items, usually due to their history should not have extensive repair work.  They can have a ‘museum ‘ or ‘honest’ restoration.  The repair will be obvious but made to look clean and neat.  A full restoration is where the item is restored invisibly i.e. you will not be able to see the repair. The choice of the level of repair is yours, following mutual discussions and suggestions from me.


Can I use it as before?

Repaired ceramic items should continue to be handled with care and are for display purposes only. No eating off plates or drinking from mugs! Clean with care. Wiping with a soft dry cloth only.


Broken Ceramic Sylvac Rabbit
Broken Sylvac pottery rabbit

Assembled Sylvac Rabbit before painting
Reassembled with missing areas filled, awaiting painting.

Kate Smith Ceramic Restorer
Tel: 0793 634 3854   Email: crackedpots@hotmail.co.uk